NC’s knee-jerk reaction has exposed the party: Parra


Srinagar, July 7: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today said the jerky diatribe launched by National Conference against Member Parliament, Mr Tariq Hameed Karra for pinpointing discrimination with Kashmir has fully exposed the complicity of NC in facilitating disempowerment of Kashmiris.

“To the utter surprise and dismay of every right thinking person, the NC spokesman instead of coming clean on his party’s collaboration in perpetuating discrimination in jobs, institutions and funds with Kashmir, has in his knee-jerk reaction vainly tried to hoodwink the people by resorting to fictional and malicious personal tirade against Mr Karra,” PDP Youth President Mr Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra said in a statement.


He said despite facing people’s wrath, NC seems to have not learnt any lessons and continues to indulge in politics of falsehood, deceit and malevolence to betray people. “But people in general and the youth in particular have well understood the demonic anti-Kashmiri designs of this party and they can’t be fooled by such filthy tricks anymore,” he said and added that instead of beating about the bush through juvenile pranks, the NC-Congress coalition government headed by Mr Omar Abdullah should come clean on the fundamental concerns of Kashmiris highlighted by Mr Karra.

Mr Waheed said the life and political career of Mr Karra is like an open book and he has made public all his assets in the affidavit filed before the Election Commission of India (ECI), unlike NC leaders who have amassed huge wealth through benami deals. “If NC spokesman is keen to know, we can provide him the list of the properties of his leaders from Soura to MA Road, MA Road to Gupkar, Gupkar to Gulmarg, Gulmarg to Bathindi, Bathindi to Sanavar, Sanavar to Delhi, Delhi to Mumbai, Mumbai to London, London to South Africa, South Africa to Spain, USA and so on and so forth,” he said and added that PDP can also provide him the details of hundreds of kanals of Nazool, state, custodian and Kahcharai land in and around Srinagar grabbed by a couple of NC’s prominent legislators from the city during the past five and half years of ‘looting spree’ regime.

Mr Waheed said if at all anything, the NC-Congress coalition government headed by Omar Abdullah would go down in the history as the darkest era of governance in Jammu and Kashmir, with corruption, crime and chaos as its hallmarks. “Given the anarchy, torment and injustice perpetuated by this government during the past 6 years, the people are eagerly waiting for the day to get rid of this non-performing regime,” he said.