NC’s power games have cost J&K dearly: Baig

Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and former deputy chief minister, Muzzafar Hussain Baig Sunday said the PDP is going to the parliament with a positive agenda to push for a peaceful settlement of Jammu & Kashmir which is possible only through friendship between India and Pakistan and building of trust deficit between New Delhi and Kashmir.

Addressing party workers in Kupwara segment of Baramulla parliamentary constituency Baig said the PDP will forcefully and sincerely voice the concerns of people of J&K, their aspirations and will seek consensus at the national level for the peaceful settlement of the political issue, which has been till now missing as National Conference would use its mandate just to secure jobs for the members of Abdullah family.

He said there is a missing link in the discourse on Kashmir that we haven’t been able to use the parliamentary forum for bringing the truth about J&K before the people of the country as NC has badly failed to go beyond power seeking arrangements to motivate the country’s leadership about the ground realities of the state and problems faced by the people.

He said the NC didn’t act seriously to help bridge gaps between New Delhi and Kashmir, but instead it made power its only choice and went on to keep the country in darkness about the situation in Kashmir.

He said PDP is going to the national level to seek consensus on the Kashmir issue and issues of Kashmir and for that it will involve the different shades of opinion both in and outside the parliament. “The aspirations of people of the state and their issues are priority before the PDP unlike the NC which considers power and luxury for itself as the only reason for holding elections,” said Baig adding had not NC taken people for granted we would not have been suffering this time and we would not had lost many generations to the bad times.

Baig said that we are sure that if the story of Kashmir is told boldly, honestly and sincerely we can build the public opinion in favor of the peaceful resolution of the political. He said the power games of NC have cost the state dearly and that is also the reason we are not being trusted outside the state and the people have to understand it now to elect only those who can sincerely fight for their rights and issues. He said PDP is not confined only to attain power but it is a movement to change destiny of the people of J&K and our fight is not against any individual or idea but we have our own agenda for the political resolution and good governance in the state and we are fighting for that.

Referring to the underdevelopment of backward areas like Kupwara, Baig said these areas have suffered badly over the years and the NC has always exploited people of these areas for its political gains.He said PDP’s agenda will help areas like Kupwara to get back into the mainstream after the travel and trade along the Line of Control is expanded in its scope.

He said the partition of the state has pushed Kupwara into a dead end but PDP’s Self-Rule agenda will lift the siege around the state and border areas will be the most benefited places.He said the NC govt has only been making hallow announcements without being able to implement them. The example of so-called Rehabilitation Policy for those who had crossed to Pakistan Administered Kashmir has been a flop show because the govt didn’t know how to frame the policy and how to implement it.

He said PDP would provide those families who have come back to resume normal life with all amenities to look after themselves.
The senior party leader, Abdul Haq Khan, MLA and party leaders Gh Mohammad Mir, Fayaz Ahmad Mir, Khrusheed Iqbal and others were also present on the occasion.