No need for BJP support, will form Govt on our own: Omar

Picture by Sandeep
Picture by Sandeep

SRINAGAR: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today lashed out at separatist turned mainstream politician, Sajjad Lone, by describing him Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) stooge and said that his party doesn’t need saffron party support for government formation. While addressing a party rally in Handwara where Sajjad Lone is fighting against NC senior leader, Mohammad Ramzan Choudhary, Omar said: “Sajjad Lone said that NC is keen to shake hands with BJP. Sajjad Sahib you are telling your own story. I am saying with authority that we don’t need BJP support. We will form Government on our own.”

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Chief Minister said that his party doesn’t want BJP type of politics as people of entire State are with NC. “You remain in the shadow of Modi, I have no objection. You remain stuck to him, it is between you and him. I don’t need such type of politics as people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, particularly those of Handwara are with NC”, he added. Omar targeted Sajjad Lone by describing him BJP stooge who abandoned slogan of Azadi to support saffron party.

“Today, we stand at another threshold of a litmus test where everything we have stood for and rendered sacrifices for is being threatened not only by BJP but also its local stooges who have abandoned the slogan of Azadi only to support BJP’s aims to do away with the Muslim Personal Law, to abrogate Article 370 and to inflict irreparable damage on our State Subject Law which protects our State’s demographic and cultural character”, he said Chief Minister asked Sajjad Lone, who described Prime Minster, Narinder Modi, as big brother, that he doesn’t need such brothers and let he (Sajjad) keep him. “BJP wants to abrogate Article 370, they want to change constitution, they want to change Shariat law and impose common civil code on you.

You keep such type of brothers, we don’t need them”, he added. Omar asked people to vote against those “who used the separatist platform and exploited thousands of young boys right to their youthful graves to reach a stage where they could impetuously jump into the lap of RSS.” Chief Minister said Kashmir issue can’t be resolved at gun point but through politically. “Kashmir is a political issue. It can’t be resolved at gun point. It is basic political issue and it has to be resolved politically. I spoke on this issue as Chief Minister. I ask Mufti Mohammad Sayeed did he dare to say this when he was Chief Minister”, he added. Omar said that his government forced the Centre to give justice to the guilty in Macchil encounter. “I raised the issue of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

Today if the guilty Army personnel in Macchil fake encounter have been punished, it is because I and my associates forced centre to give justice to families of victims. Today people have one aim, just to gain power”, he said. Chief Minister said that it is only his party that could fight to safeguard the political interests and sentiments of Jammu and Kashmir at a juncture where brazen calls were being made to abrogate Article 370 and make amendments in the State Subject Law that protects J&K’s demographic character. “It was National Conference that waged a selfless war against tyranny and oppression and rid this State of the humiliation of monarchy and feudalism. We started our struggle against the indignity of autocracy and we went on to ensure that our peasants are freed from the clutches of feudal slavery and it was Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who sacrificed his entire life for the honor of our people,” Omar said.

“While both BJP and PDP might throw around money to buy people, the time-tested moral of politics is that sacrifices and honor always outweighs money and manipulation. My party doesn’t have thieves, convicts and retired corrupt bureaucrats and will never foist people of such background on the people of this State. We have always been a party that has found its strength from the indomitable and honorable struggle of the common-man against all adversities and we will continue to live and die by the aspirations of our people,” Chief Minister said.