Need to make appreciative inquiry a part of work culture for qualitative improvement


In Nepal, the First National Conference on Appreciative Inquiry was held recently, informed my facebook friend Dev Bahadur Chhetry with some pictures. The research methodology of Appreciative Inquiry has become quite popular in social sciences and management sciences. It is the research method for studying and changing a social system that combines both the study of present reality and proposes actions for transformation. It is more of a positive psychology based participatory action research by a group, organization or community to know the present reality and plans for a transformed reality.

Participants from various universities and colleges participated in the conference to get motivated to carry out research studies making use of the appreciative inquiry for collective self-development as well as the organizational improvement. The methodology, started as a part of man agent studies and organizational behaviour in 1980s, was used for developing theories and models of organizational behaviour. Over the years, many different approaches to Appreciative Inquiry have been developed and used around the world.

I personally think that various educational institutions, faculties and departments can bring about qualitative improvement in their functioning by annual appreciative inquiry initiatives to professionalize themselves.

Here is my ABC poem on appreciative inquiry.

A: Admire, appreciate and preserve the good points that exist and identify the inadequacies to be work upon

B: Believe in self-motivation for betterment as humans are true determinants of what to think and do

C: Change actions for new reality to emerge from better relationships as the most important part of human systems.

D: Discuss collectively the transformed reality or future for its co-construction through new ideas, new vision, new actions, alternatives and new possibilities

E: Express experiences as personal and organizational stories to enliven and inspire the best in people.

There is a need to make appreciative inquiry as a work culture for every organization, institution or social group in India to reform and restructure ourselves as co-authors of the new and better future.