Need to save youth from drugs, says former SSP



Jammu : Prominent Social Worker and SSP (retd.) Bhupinder Singh today stressed the need to save youth from the scourge of drugs.

Singh said that Day by day drug addiction has destroyed our youths. At present, it has reached in a critical position in whole world especially in developing countries. Our youth groups are losing their wealth, talent, intellectual spirit and retentive power for to do well by addicting to drugs. Children are also fall in this circle of bad habits, which is not good for our country.
In his address to the youth, the former SSP said: “We can’t afford to lose our future generation because Youths are the wealth of a nation. It is imperative that we sensitize the people against drug addiction and persuade the addicted youth to join de-addiction facilities available in the state.”
Singh Said that he believes If the leader will not have a vision as to what he dreams for and what he wants, he will not be able to lead his troops in a right direction and saving the youth from drugs is the bounden duty of everybody, because the future of our country entirely depends on them.
During Interaction, Locals fear the devastating effects of drugs and the associated anti-social behavior is destroying the area where sadly a number of young people have indulged in various criminal activities.
“We would like to extend an invitation to any support groups or organizations who feel they can be of help to us from any part of the country to attend our next meeting,” said former SSP, who is spearheading the campaign.
“These problems won’t be resolved overnight. We are probably still going to be having meetings in different areas , but as long as we get the support from locals specially from the parents and the good people to stay with the campaign, that’s all I want.” In the last, locals have been reassured Mr. Singh about their commitment and support for this noble cause. Anti-Drug campaigns should be organized on village level. Youth should be guided and advised as much as possible.
Let’s take every possible step to save our youth from drugs.

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