MLA Neelam Langeh deserves a pat on his back



By Citizen Journalist Ashish Kohli

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Every now and then the internet is stormed with pictures and videos whipping the VIP culture that widely prevails in our society.  The image attached here however, brings out a very unlike-VIP attitude of BJP MLA- Neelam Langeh- who can be seen carrying his footwear by himself all around.

neelam langeh


The MLA, who was accompanied by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for the final blast of the tunnel, was spotted carrying his footwear by himself at the Chanani-Nashri tunnel and no helper was seen helping him take them out or even to lift them.

While there are some like DIG Shakeel Beig who have servants even to help them tie shoelaces and who don’t resist to feel delighted while acting all kingly and royal (The pictures were a rage on Internet with his son bragging that the last time his dad put on shoes himself was 15 years ago), this picture seems to be a learning lesson for the bigwigs who relentlessly indulge in such abuse of power. Security, road blocking for a Minister’s hassle free entourage, lavish accommodations, security and special allowances- Jammu and Kashmir has seen more than enough of this culture in the tenure of the successive Abdullahs and the ‘Janta’ has always ended up paying price.

On the other hand, ministers like Langeh deserve a huge applause for breaking away from the conventional route of the VIPs and shunning the stereotypes.