Nepotism, incompetence galore in schools, universities; could affect future of youth

Jammu Kashmir News|VC JU R D Sharma welcomed members of Academic Council and apprised them about developments, achievements of Jammu University, Jammu and Kashmir News| Jammu News| Kashmir News| Jammu University| JUEducational institutions in the state from primary school to the universities have become the fiefdoms of politicians, moneybags, and bureaucrats who find these institutions a convenient place to park their wives, and family members as the salaries are great, and accountability is none. Apartment from appointments, the transfer and promotion industry in the education sector has grown exponentially, and thousands of rupees are paid to get favourable postings. Such is scenario of government institutions that DDC, Udhampur was forced to order an education audit of school teachers to know whether they had knowledge, and training to impart education to the thousands of children attending government schools.

Likewise in Jammu university those who are well connected are able to get top administrative, and government positions at the cost of competent people. Recently, a selection committee appointed a professor as Additional Controller of examinations despite knowing the facts that he did not have adequate qualifications. This is just one instance but there are several cases where appoints grade IV to I are made on the basis of nepotism, corruption, and other pecuniary reasons. Appointments in Jammu University have been, and will always remain the domain of rich and power as it offers a lucrative job with lots of perks including a large salary, little pressure to perform, and zero accountability to students. However, the government and the authorities should understand that poor quality teaching, and administrative staff will ensure that quality of education, research and thinking remains of poor quality, and it is like playing with the careers of future generations. The youth of Jammu and Kashmir is very talented, and the need of the hour is to harness their talent.

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