Netizens left teary-eyed after unemployed youth’s handwritten resume goes viral


In today’s fast-paced internet age, uploading a resume on a job portal takes just a few minutes. Even printers have become so advanced that they can produce multiple copies of resumes in a matter of seconds. While most job applicants and employees have easy access to the internet or a printer, a 21-year-old job seeker from Argentina didn’t. So, he submitted a handwritten CV at a café as he had no money to print one.

The picture of his CV has now gone viral and has left many social media users teary-eyed.

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Carlos Duarte, an unemployed youth from Cordoba, borrowed money from his grandmother to visit various places in his town that had job vacancies. He was determined to get a job, reported DailyMail.

After a tiring day, he handed a handwritten version of his resume to café worker, Eugina Lopez, and said he couldn’t afford the cost of printing.

Impressed with Duarte’s determination, Lopez shared a picture of the resume on Instagram and Facebook and it went viral in just a few hours.

Here’s the resume:

Hola cómo estás ? Te molesto un segundo para hacerte una consulta ,están tomando gente? Porque yo estoy buscando…

Posted by Euge López on Friday, September 21, 2018

“It caught my attention that he did not have [money] to print and the sheet was so neatly written on, with two pens. I never thought the post that I published was going to be shared so many times and that today Carlos has a job interview,” Lopez told a local newspaper.

In the resume, Duarte scribbled all the important professional and personal information along with his contact number. He also thanked Lopez for accepting the resume.

The post currently has over 10,000 shares, 18,000 likes and 447 comments. And that’s not the best part.

Duarte’s resume has impressed quite a number of employers and he has been receiving a lot of job offers.

“I gave Eugenia my resume and she posted it on social media,’Now she is my angel,” Duarte told DailyMail.