Never Worship Shiva Lingam with Haldi!


Bholenath is known for carrying on with a moderate life and in this manner likes to be adored in the most simple manner. He need not be revered by offering rich sustenances and organic products or decorated with excellent embellishments.

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It is mentioned in the old sacred writings that Lord Shiva can be just pacified with a Dhatura fruit, Bael leaves (bael pattra), bhang, cow’s cold milk, sandalwood, and bhasma. In the Hindu religion, it is regularly comprehended that obediently adoring Lord Shiva, consequently conciliates every one of the Gods and Goddess in heaven.

In one of the parts of the Shiva Purana, which basically fixates on the lives of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is referenced the religious method for revering them both and what all must be stayed away from while worshipping them.

Let’s now note the explanation for why Lord Shiva is never offered Turmeric (Haldi).

Despite the fact that it is viewed as a profoundly sacrosanct component for every single religious reason and is utilized in the customs of venerating all Gods and Goddess, be that as it may, Haldi is never offered to Lord Shiva or his Shiva Lingam.

As indicated by the sacred writings, Lord Shiva is always seen as the one in deep meditation. Hence, his symbol is constantly revered with components that are blessed with cooling properties like milk, sandalwood, bhasma, and so on.

On the other hand, turmeric is identified with actuating warm properties. Worshipping with haldi may tend to disturb the calmness of the Yogi. Hence, Lord Shiva, who had dependably avoided common joys is never adorned with Haldi.