New app to make break up smooth



London: Fed up of your lover’s annoying ways and want to part ways? If you find it difficult to break the news to them, this new app would help you out.

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Binder, the app, claims to make awkward break up conversations easier by letting people dump their partners through an automated voice message, Daily Mail reported.

Styled as the anti-Tinder, the app – available for free – works by asking users to type in their former flame’s name and number, along with providing an option to upload a photo.

The app will create a card, similar to ones seen on Tinder, that allows people to swipe right and begin the break up process after choosing the option of the reason you are breaking up.

These include statements such as “It’s not me, it’s definitely you” and “It’s like I’m living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare”.

The partner would then receive a 37-second-long voicemail explaining to them the reason for the break up.

For someone on the receiving end of the message, they may receive something along the lines of: “Yeah you are getting dumped. Your boyfriend, em, yeah. I mean, yeah, maybe you deserve more. Maybe you deserve that white picket fence.”

“You are dumped. You are dumped. You are really, really dumped. Bind, some will say. Bind with Binder now at all good app stores. Bye!”

Tennent’s Lager said it developed the app ‘for laughs’ during a series of YouTube comedy sketches.

The current range of messages are designed for male users but another version of the app, dubbed Bindim, is being developed for women. The app is currently only available in England.