The Big J&K experiment – BJP‬ and ‪PDP‬ will work to bring the ‪Kashmiri‬ populace closer to ‪India‬.


With the two unlikely partners coming up together for the next six year term of Jammu and Kashmir, the state is gearing up for another experiment that seemed implausible a few months ago. After numerous rounds of talks over the contentious issues, the two are ready to form government within a week.  The deadline announced by the two parties is this weekend and hopefully it will not get delayed more like the recent times.

The compromises and adjustments in the proposed Common Minimum Program will come to notice in the next couple of days. The two parties have different ideologies and none of the two was ready to sacrifice before. Both of them have now decided to take the middle path and have abandoned some of the core demands to find a common ground between the two parties that are ideologically poles apart.

BJP with its unprecedented victory in the state intends to dismantle the prevalent injustice towards Jammu and the existing gap between the saffron party and the Muslims. BJP through its agenda wants to unite the fragments of the state. PM Modi’s convincing agenda of development and unification is what resulted in this experimental phase in the politics of the state.

The two parties have left certain issues at bay as both of them want to rather focus on the development and empowerment of the state. A Hindu-right wing party stitching an alliance with a hardcore Kashmir centric party is in itself the most surprising and innovative move in the political history of Jammu and Kashmir. If the unlikely partnership succeeds the politics of the state can lay foundation for a new Jammu and Kashmir. The old issues that have kept the state in fragments will be resolved and government will deliver to people’s grievances. The idea of accommodating the problems of people has already generated public’s faith  and trust in the Modi-led party. Though the tenure will be full of challenges, but the two can work them out together paving way for new opportunities .

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