New Cyber Crime Cell to closely monitor online Militant promotion and recruitment

Jammu, October 20: In order to keep strict eyes on the online promotional and recruitment campaign being launched by various militant outfits, the Jammu and Kashmir police department has activated its cyber crime cell all over the state. The cells have been given clear directions not only to detect these campaigners but also to identify and nab them.

As per several reports, terror outfits like Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) have started some online campaigns to expand their network and lure youth of the valley to join militancy through Social Networking sites. Not just this, through these social networking sites, the militants also encourage youth into other anti-national activities like stone pelting, hoisting of flags etc. These activities have increased manifold during past few months which will now be monitored by these Cyber Crime Cells.

As reported in a local daily, the police have intercepted huge cache of online messages of the anti-national elements which includes messages by militants of the LeT and HM. The messages were so powerful that it attracted the youngsters towards unwanted activities. Also, LeT has made a number of recruitments this year through social networking that made the group most powerful terror outfit active in the valley. The practice needs to be curbed immediately and the department has given this task to Cyber Crime Cells.

The Cyber Crime Cells will watch such anti national activities online 24×7, try to detect the militants and their agents and apprehend them to stop the campaign.

An official of the Cyber Crime Cell said, “We have started our job and hopefully, we will be successful in curbing the menace of the militants online, which is new modus operandi being used by the two outfits—LeT and HM—to lure the youth into their cadre and ranks’’.

Although the task is tough since militants keep changing their Cell phone numbers but with the passage of time, we will develop new techniques to track down the anti-national elements through the mobile telephones’’, he added.

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