New Legislative complex in Jammu, several infra projects delayed

The new Legislative Complex in Jammu which was supposed to be completed by March 2015 has missed the completion date, and the reason is perennial shortage of funds. In fact paucity or lack of funds has become a permanent excuse of the authorities who cite fund delays, and several other bureaucratic reasons for delay in delivery of key infrastructure and other projects.
Jammu Legislative complex in jammu ModelThe Legislative complex was estimated to be built in around one hundred crores by the state JKPCC but the agency has failed to build it as usual. This is despite the fact that the agency had completed all the formalities, and estimates were approved by the government. Now after delaying the project, and exceeding the project timeline JKPCC wants almost 90 crores for construction, and extension of the date of completion. The agency claims escalation in cost of raw material but does not explain why the project was delayed, and no completed in time as per the contract. All this time when building the project, the agency has never raised the issue of cost escalation, and suddenly at the time of completion it has now forwarded the usual excuse.

The government should look into this matter seriously and impose penalties for delay instead of making available public funds in the name of escalation. The delay in projects, and consequent demands about escalation are used as a routine exercise by civic agencies to hide corruption which has become a way of life in the public sector utilities of not only the state but across the country. With new government at helm it is right time accountability is demanded from public officials about delivering the good and services, and in this case the legislative complex on time.

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