New Terror Video: Young Recruits being imparted training through Social Media despite internet gag


Another video of militant training surfaces

In the video a militant according to the reports has been identified as Mansoor Molvi a resident of Kokernag area of Anantnag district is giving instructions to the youth about the grenades and AK 47.

The video has been recorded at unknown location and circulated on social networking reportedly by the militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen.

Pertinently this is the second video in which militants are giving training. Recently a militant was seen giving training to the recruits in a viral video, recorded at unknown forest.

Worth to mention that despite the social networking suspension and high speed internet gag, the video of militants are surfacing on the social sites.

 Hizbul militant releases “How to make a Petrol Bomb DIY Tutorial” video
In the video, a militant is seen preaching the youth of the valley. The man seated comfortably against a background spews venom against India and encourages the youth of Kashmir to pick up arms against the Indian armed forces.

The ‘trainer‘ can be seen imparting training on how to identify the best quality grenade and goes on to show how the grenade is to be thrown so as to destroy the target. To reinforce the ‘Azaadi’ cause, a song playing in the background ‘Badla Badla Lenge, Nizaam-e-Mustafa’ can be coherently heard.


The video is shot in three parts. In the first lesson, the use of grenade and gun is depicted practically wherein he introduces the grenade and demonstrates how to use it. It’s surprising to know that these militants are in fact well-equipped. He’s also seen caressing the grenade like a doll while he states technical information about the lethal weapon. The video further goes on to depict disassembling and assembling of AK-47. The militant seemingly tries to impress the viewer with his knowledge about the weapons he demonstrates. He goes on to speak to the youth of Kashmir whom he refers as Mujahids and encourages them to pick up arms against the Indian armed forces. He said that the mujahids must have the knowledge of lethal weapons to be used in the war against the government.

In the second lesson, he demonstrates how to dismantle and reassemble a rifle. A song keeps playing in the background at a reasonable volume so that the demonstrator is clearly audible although the audio does add to the effect.
He further goes on to explain the making of a petrol bomb in detail so that the youth of the valley can make it themselves and use it against the armed forces. In this lesson, he tells about the elements to use and the method to prepare the lethal petrol bomb.
The video is worrisome as it shows that the training is being imparted to the young Kashmiri crowd through these videos. The main aim, obvious at the first look is to instigate the youth to pick up arms.
The manner in which the militant demonstrates as shown in the video is clearly a ‘honey trap’ from the docile young minds of the valley. This video that shows militant cum ‘recruiting officer’ is indeed a marketing video to lure the youth to join the militant group which attempts to wow them by brandishing guns and rifles. The content of the video is highly contagious and must be watched at the viewer’s own discretion.
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