Newest problem for Kashmiri Pandits at Jagti – Eve Teasing


Jammu, July 24: Girsl and women from Jagti colony refrain from moving out during afternoon and evening hours as eve teasing has become a menace. A sizeable number of youth many of whom are non-locals are seen roaming aimlessly in main lanes and by-lanes of Jagti colony.

A woman on the condition of anonymity said that these non-local eve teasers come on two-wheelers and pass lewd remarks at the females.

She further added that during evening hours, groups of men wandering aimlessly can actually be seen in colony just to tease girls/females of the colony

Tenants in a fervent appeal to police urged to tighten noose against eve teasers by patrolling in the camp so that these hooligans can be kept in check.

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