Newly elected J&K MLAs in quandary as they fail to enjoy pay and perks of being lawmakers


j&k assemblyThe imposition of Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir(j&k) has not only created a political impasse in the state but it has also proved a shocker for the 87 MLA, a number of them freshers who were expecting to take oath soon, and thus be able to enjoy the pay and perks of being elected representatives of the people. Failure to take oath has led to a situation where the elected MLAs can not claim their salaries, and do even basic work to help their constituents who elected them, and now expect delivery of much vaunted promises.

The MLAs assert that they worked non-stop for six months in the run up to polls, and spent lot of energy and resources to win the election. Majority of them want to enter the assembly as soon as possible but till a solution is found to the political impasse in the state the hopes of the legislators are unlikely to be realized.

With no hope of entering the assembly soon, the newly elected legislators can not draw salary which amounts to Rs ninety thousand a month, free fuel, and medical cover, travel allowance, interest free housing loan, annual family trip, and access to the constituency development fund of Rs 1.5 crore a year. In case the assembly is dissolved, and fresh elections ordered, the MLAs can only claim pension which amounts to Rs 29,000 per month.

The daily visitors to the legislators are also putting pressure which is both related to work as well as financial burden. Most of the legislators say that they have to spend almost 2000 to 3000 on serving the visitors which is a problem, especially as large number of MLAs to the state assembly are first timers.

With fresh talks to form the government taking place between BJP, and PDP hope is brewing among the legislators that they would soon be able to take oath and enter the House. The political analysts opine that the decision of Governor NN Vohra not to appoint advisors to carry out the administration is an indication that efforts to form the government would restart soon as the political parties in the state as well as the government in center does not want to fritter away the gains made during the polls.

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