Newly married woman thrashed for refusing bathroom sex


Ahmedabad: A woman in Gujarat has approached Gomtipur police with appalling complaints against her husband and in-laws. The complainant has claimed that her husband of four months physically assaulted her on multiple occasions after she refused to engage in sexual intercourse with him in the bathroom of his home in the city of Bhavnagar.

The 19-year-old went further to accuse her husband’s elder brother of molesting her on more than one occasion. He would molest me every time he found me alone at home, claimed the woman who got married merely four months ago. In addition, the complainant has also claimed that her in-laws harassed and even tortured her for dowry. They began troubling me almost immediately after I got married to their son, she told police officials.

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In her complaint, the woman stated that her in-laws woke her up from sleep in the middle of the night and asked her to bring dowry from her parents’ home. They even thrashed me brutally, she alleged. According to a report, she also accused a female neighbour of provoking her in-laws and husband to physically assault her. Police officials familiar with the matter said that the complainant also claimed that she was molested repeatedly by her brother-in-law.

However, the woman has levelled the most damning allegations against her husband who she claims forcibly had sexual intercourse with her on multiple occasions. He would insist on having sex in the bathroom and resorted to beating and overpowering her when she refused.