Nirmala Sitharam met Manmohan Singh: What does it show about BJP?


An extraordinary step was taken by the Finance Minister. Manmohan Singh is undoubtedly a truly competent individual in the field of finance and financial matters. In addition to the fact that he has profound information in these issues, he has headed the RBI and other monetary establishments. One can just accumulate pearls from meeting such luminaries.

This is one thing that should be acknowledged about the Modi government. They have no restraints to try and stroll over the aisle and expand a hand of fellowship and cooperation from even their bitterest opposers in the event that it serves India’s advantage.

Another such incident is that of Nandan Nilekani, the man in charge of the Aadhaar card which thus is in charge of saving a great deal of money in the public dissemination and use. He additionally was a congressman in his past days. In any case, Mr. Modi did not stay away from taking his assistance in advancing this impressive plan.

Just flaw that Manmohan Singh can be blamed for is that he didn’t take a solid position against the individuals who were enjoying corruption. Being the PM he could have done this. Else, there is no imperfection on MMS as an able man.

This is an extremely antiquated custom in our nation that you will discover numerous skilled individuals in the foe-camp also. Legislative issues and Rajniti isn’t to destroy them, however in the event that it is possible, take their assistance for country building. Kauravas had numerous brilliant officers, military specialists, Gurus of weaponry and strategic fighting. They were regarded by the Pandavas for their insight and involvement in the war zone. Dronacharya, Bhishma Pitamah, Kripacharya were such worthies. Arjuna took their suggestions and blessings on numerous issues. That they were on the off-base side of Dharma did not make them less proficient.

Manmohan Singh, Nandan Nilekani, and numerous others are such diamonds which ought not to be disregarded  in the national interest just due to their political leanings.

So this progression by Nirmala Sitaraman is commendable.

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