No ban on beef in Lal Chowk even after High Court order

Citizen Report by Choudhary Aslam

lal street

The High Court of the State might have banned beef but it seems to have no effect on local people. Beef dishes are being sold on the street of Srinagar without any fuss.

Owners of food joints serving a number of beef dishes on the famous Ghanta Ghar street in the Lal Chowk area have seemingly not been effected by this ban. In almost 24 food joints located on the street, on an average, 150 kg of beef dishes ranging from kebabs to rista to gushtaba are served to customers in one day.

It is pertinent to mention here that the street had been developed by the J&K Tourism Department and falls in the area owned by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation. Starting last week, SMC along with the Police is legally bound to implement the ban reiterated by the J&K High Court last week.

Apart from government and police’s direct involvement, no ban on beef dishes is imposed on these food joints. Infact, not just civilians but men in uniform have also been seen here enjoying several dishes made of beef.

A lot of local people as well as touristswho come here prefer beef over mutton. One kg of Beef costs Rs 200 while mutton is 400 rupees per kg, hence a lot of people, mostly low income and middle class groups, prefer beef dishes.

Despite the High Court orders for strict implementation of the beef ban no official from the government or the J&K Police has asked the vendors to stop sale of beef.

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