No Director for IIT Jammu

Probably, the committee has been unable to find a person capable enough, to be associated with IIT.

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Now, Human Resources and Development Ministry will issue an advertisement regarding this post again. The search was going on for the 6 New IIT established IIT viz-a-viz IIT Tripathi, IITBilai-Durg, IIT Goa, IIT Palakkad, IIT Gharvad and IIT Jammu.
The post of directors in all new IITs had been appoited not more than a month after inauguration but Jammu is suffering the brunt of callous attitude of administration.
Currently, the status is that a list containing 5 names has been forwarded to President’s office for approval. Whereas the post of Director of IIT Jammu has not been fulfilled yet and search is going on. HRD ministry will again issue an advertisement for this search.
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