No flood threat in Kashmir: Weather office


Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir meteorological department on Wednesday denied having forecast another flood in the state, and termed reports on the social media an “evil and malicious act” by anti-social elements.

Sonam Lotus, director of the weather office, clarified that the department has not issued any statement on a flood threat.

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“The sole mandate of this department is to issue timely weather forecast to the administration and the public. Therefore, the rumour of having forecast another flood is completely wrong, malicious and baseless and is aimed to tarnish the image of the department,” he said.

Stating that reports of another 2014-like deluge to strike Kashmir this summer were doing the rounds on social media, and hence causing concern among people, he said: “This office (Met) condemns these anti-social elements for their evil and malicious act.”

Over 200 people were killed in the September 2014 floods, while nearly 300,000 were affected and property worth billions of rupees damaged.

The business community pegs its loss at around Rs.30,000 crore and damage to over 65,000 business units.

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