No J&K city in race for smart cities competition in first phase, here is the first list

smart-cityWhile the union cabinet approved the hundred smart city project it has been confirmed that Jammu and Kashmir has not nominated a single city in the first list. It was earlier reported by U4U Voice that the state government is unlikely to nominate a city in the competition for the first twenty cities to be chosen for smart city project this year because none of them meet the criteria.

While majority of the state capitals in India, and major metros have been nominated in the smart city project but inevitably Srinagar, Jammu have not made it to the smart city list. A number of other cities such as Patna, SHimla, Thiruvananthapuram, Gangtok ,Bengaluru, Jammu and Srinagar have found a place in the list issued by the urban development ministry.

Insiders tell that despite J&K looking to get at least two smart city slots it is only likely that only will get nominated for being developed as smart city. The smart cities nominated in this list will now have to prepare a ‘Smart City plan’ which will be evaluated in the second stage of the City Challenge competition by the Urban development ministry.

The ministry has received 98 nominations for the smart city mission, and after detailed evaluation twenty cities out of these hundred will be given two hundred crore each during this financial year. In the coming two years, 40 cities each would be selected and supported by the union government to help them reach the parameters of a smart city.

Jammu and Kashmir government which is planning to compete in the second and thirds years will have to develop a credible smart plan, action plan for mobilizing resources, and a number of related parameters.

“Smart City” is an initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take the pressure off Indian metros.

Here is the list of cities that have been proposed by Union Cabinet to be upgraded to smart cities

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One thought on “No J&K city in race for smart cities competition in first phase, here is the first list

  • August 2, 2015 at 11:56 am

    BJP could not justified Jammu as SMART CITY!By:Sr CJ,Satish Sharma”BRAL”
    Though Jammu people are already came out into streets to demand restoration of announced AIIMS,another bad news came from Dehli,that Union Urban Ministry could not find Jammu eligible for socalled Modi’s Pledge of SMART CITIES concept.In fact,Jammu as per media reports was very much in the 100 such smart cities list but since BJP-PDP coalition shown cool attitude on identification\recommendation of Jammu,contrary to it talks about 4 cities of J&K state to be develop by Union Urban Ministry,who ultimately dropped the idea of inclusion of Jammu into 100 cities list.
    Sordidly,now Jammu people struggling for AIIMS because of BJP’s arrogant attitude who opted to play as second fiddle to PDP has sabotaged full fledged AIIMS announcement by Union FM,Jaitley but backtrracked forced Jammu people to fight against their own elected government.Of late,denial of Smart City for Jammu exposed further,how regional indiscrimination being unleashed by the rulers,now BJP itself-once claimed CHAMPION of Jammu Cause.
    Question arises,whether Jammu people donot deserves better deal from their elected government,may opt to behave like Kashmiris who love Indian Currency but not India.


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