No politician to have security in Doda

Jammu and Kashmir

Doda, March 3: An ordered has been issued by the SSP, on DGP’s direction demanding the immediate withdrawal of all SPOs performing duties of PSOs with officers and others, including politicians in whole Doda district including Bhaderwah.

As per details , DGP K Rajendra Kumar on February 25, 2016 issued an order directing all SSPs and senior police officials to withdraw SPOs performing PSOs duties. The DGP stated this after it came to his notice that some SPOs were performing PSO duties with officers basically politicians.

“In view of above, it is hereby ordered that henceforth no unit/district SP shall deploy SPOs for PSO duties. SPO, if any, deployed on such duties may be withdrawn forthwith,” DGP’s order reads.

DGP said that all unit heads and district SPs would ensure this and a verify report should be sent back to to Police Headquater.

Sources said following DGPs order, SSP, Doda  had directed all senior officers of the district to ensure an immediate withdraw of all SPOs, from PSO duties.

It is important to mention that many SPOs, working as PSOs with politicians and senior officials, are basically helping them with domestic households.

Some are even found selling goods at the business units of those businessmen-turned-politicians who were provided security by the government. Every year Rs 120 crore (Hindustan Times, Dec 18, 2008) is being debited from state exchequer in the name of security.

In fact, these high officials are using security officers as a status symbol in true sense.

Now in Doda district there is no militancy and keeping PSOs with leaders was wastage of power and money.

Many social ,religious organisations appreciated the decision of Police department and alleged leaders were using these PSOs as domestic helpers.


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