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No regrets; I see a bright future ahead: Anmol Jaswal

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_MG_1307Jammu lad Anmol Jaswal who recently gained fame by making it to the grand finale of a popular singing reality show Indian Idol Junior, got caught in a candid conservation at U4UVoice Office after getting back to his hometown.  From his experiences throughout the show to his future plans, 14-years-old Anmol shares much more with us
U4UVoice: How was your experience showcasing yourself in such a grand singing reality show?
Anmol: The experience was quite good. It was a pleasure performing on a stage where I got a chance to get judged by such big personalities. I enjoyed my journey to the fullest.
U4U Voice: What do you think could have been the reason that you didn’t win trophy? Was that the SMS ban or something else?

Anmol: Not exactly the SMS ban, but also the fact that the other strong participants belonged to metro cities unlike Jammu, and that probably helped them in getting comparatively more votes via internet too.

U4U Voice:  Any regrets that you could not make it to the trophy?

Anmol: No, not at all. I am all satisfied with the fact that I did make it to the ultimate episode of the show and stood as the final runner up. Also, it was a golden opportunity to learn under renowned dignitaries of Indian music industry. I could never imagine such a platform.

U4U Voice: Who do you think was the most powerful contestant in the show out of Top 4?
Anmol: According to me, Debanjana Karmakar has been the strongest contestant throughout the show.
U4U Voice: What kind of bond did you share with your co-participants in the show, off stage?
Anmol: I developed a sweet bond of friendship with all of my co-participants in the show. All of them were very nice and helpful and it was also because of one another’s help that we four could make it to the finals.
U4U Voice: After shaking hands with and making big celebs groove on your tunes in the show, how do you feel?
Anmol: It was like a dream come true. It’s obviously icing on the cake when you hear such big celebrities praising your work and talent and that too on the sets of a national television show.
U4U Voice: Reaching to the ultimate episode of the show, you indeed have brought laurels to Jammu and Kashmir. Do you think that you have led a new path which will help others to follow?
Anmol: There is undoubtedly no dearth of talent in our state and it would be great to see people coming forward and achieve something really bigger than what I did.
U4U Voice: Do you think that you will find a good scope in singing in Jammu and Kashmir?
Anmol: I am not very optimistic about this.
U4U Voice: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Anmol: Well after 10 years, I see myself as an established playback singer.
By: Mani Arora
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