No ReT will be sacked after capability test: Edu Department


Jammu, December 03: Though the Education Department has decided not to retract from its decision, to conduct competence test of Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers working in the state, taken a few months back but it has assured that no teacher will be sacked in the process.

As reported by a local daily, a senior official of education department said, “There will be no sacking of any ReT teacher after the test but they should also make sure that they are capable of teaching. The test will be conducted to gauge their teaching capabilities. They should know that they will not continue to get salaries and then get regularised without any basic tools of teaching.”

The sources have also reported that the Education Minister of the state has directed the education department staff not to entertain any request of ReT teacher which debars them from appearing in any test. They are also told neither to not get intimidated by the protest being held by ReTs or to have any engagement with them.

“The minister has also made it clear that teaching and quality teaching is the prime concern of the government,” said the official.


The sources further said that the members of opposition especially former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah have tried to rack up the issue while accusing the government of playing with the careers of these teachers. But there are clear directions of the minister to his staff members not to get too much worried about the political implications of the decision.

As per education minister, the former CM will himself lick the dust as the public pressure will eventually mount on him not to side with the ReT who are faring poorly.

He added that Omar, by advocating the stance of ReT teachers actually wants the children of the poor section to get be taught by unqualified teachers but the present government will not let that happen.

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