Non-Kashmiri students appeal Authorities to save their Life


Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, April 5: Although the National Institute of Technology (NIT) today reopened after three days, Non-Kashmiri students are still living in fear despite the statement from the Administration confirming that the NIT campus is Peaceful again.

Two Pictures have gone viral on the social media that shows the story totally different. Surprisingly in the Pictures it can be easily seen that the smoke from the tear gas shells is rising in the air and in another picture an injured student could be seen getting help from his friends after the clashes between the Locals today.

What is even more concerning is that how can the security forces use Tear gas inside the college campus. This is rightfully against the Protocal. And why is the National Media has kept this event under the wrap.


Whereas the Kanhaiya case was blown out of the propotion. Even leading to his arrest for causing unrest.

A Non-Kashmiri has alleged that the Locals with the help of outsiders are trying to threat them.


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