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Notices for illegal constructions to jail head, JDA

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JAMMU: The Jammu Municipal Corporation has issued notices for illegal constructions to 97 people and entities including the Jammu Development Authority, Custodian General and the Amphalla Jail Superintendent, the State Government said today.

In written reply to a question of Congress MLC Rani Gargi Blowria in the Legislative Council, Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh said that notices have been given to 97 people and entities for illegal constructions in Jammu city in the past two years.

The notices have been issued to the Vice-Chairman of the Jammu Development Authority over the construction of a township and shopping complex in Muthi on the outskirts of Jammu city, the superintendent of Amphalla Jail for construction within the complex, and the Custodian General of Evacuee Property for the construction of flats at Wazarat Road. (AGENCIES)

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