Now, app to provide respite to thirsty birds

Image Courtesy- Online Media Source

Surat, May 08: To provide respite to thousands of thirsty birds and street animals from the scorching summer heat, a city-based animal welfare organisation has launched a new mobile application, a statement said on Friday.

The application, The Bird Tap, is an initiative by animal welfare organisation, Prayas Team Environment Charitable Trust in collaboration with NGO Humane Society International(HSI), India.

“Our organisation has been distributing thousands of earthen water bowls in summers for many years now. It’s the first time that we will get a systematic feedback from people who install and take care of the water pot.

“This application will not only help us manage the distribution of pots, but also enable Surat netizens to locate water bowls distributed in different parts of the city and refill them regularly,” Darshan Desai, president of Prayas Team, said.

Desai added that the target was to have a water pot “mapped” so that “no bird in the city has to fly more than 100 meters in search of water”.

The Android-based app will help people, once they register, to find the nearest team Prayas centre from where they can get the pot free of cost.


Image Courtesy- Online Media Source

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