Now book 12 train tickets in 1 month by linking Aadhaar to IRCTC’s account; Details Inside


People can now book 12 train tickets in 1 month by linking their Aadhaar to the IRCTC’s account. Earlier, passengers could book only six tickets from 1 account every month.

How to link to Aadhaar Card:-

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–To link IRCTC to Aadhaar, first log in by going to you.

–Now, you must tab my account option and click the link to your Aadhaar option.

–Enter the information sought here.

–Then go to the check box and press the Send OTP button.

–You will then get an OTP on the registered mobile number.

–Then, you will then go to the verify button and click. You then need to click the Update button to complete the Aadhaar verification process.

–Once KYC is completed, your Aadhaar will be linked to IRCTC.

Then there will be a confusion link on your screen. If this is done, you will log out once again and log in to the IRCTC site.

–To check your Aadhaar KYC status, you can check by visiting the IRCTC’s website and visiting the link your basis on my account option.

All trains running with increased fares are now running with old names and numbers due to unique tags during the Corona period. However, the Ministry has said that all trains converted into special trains during the corona period will now be operated normally as before.

This will reduce the special charges being charged in these trains, which will reduce the fare by about 30%.