BJP and PDP, It’s a Now or Never situation in Jammu and Kashmir



By Pawas Verma
The Governor’s rule has been gathering media heat from the last few days. Despite a historic record this time, the results haven’t come out as fruitful as they should have. Omar’s resignation instead of doing any favour to the public has rather made the scenario more complex.

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The jolted state of J&K politics might end up in Re-elections after a few months but since the two parties have a few days to muster back the faith of the Jammu and Kashmir Awaam, the situation is a Now or Never situation for the two leading parties.

The recent rumors have accused the People’s Democratic Party of being fearful and terrified to the tyranny of the separatist leaders. Despite the Modi wave engulfing the Jammu region, Kashmir still stays out of BJP’s hand. There is much to be done to win their faith. Some PDP leaders, despite having an upper hand in the coalition prospect have had disagreements against this alliance. But PDP seemingly is ready to settle the differences between the two parties. The Saffron party is ready to make adjustments with a narrower share in their kitty. But if the parties don’t join hands, this could be one of the major blunders of PDP and BJP.

With BJP coming into power there was a chance of eradicating the neglect Jammu has been facing. The Jammu people have shown immense faith and credibility in the BJP. The wind might blow against BJP in the next elections and PDP too, might not be able to win back the trust of the public. Had they been less self-seeking, we could have expected a new era of development and prosperity for all three regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

Since the people of the state have declared their distrust in the previous government, this was and still is perhaps the most cogent prospect of forming the government. There is still time for the parties to come out of their self-seeking motives to pay attention to the state interest. The uprooting of NC and Congress has made the public decision evident that the two parties would not be appreciated even in the next elections. And PDP’s thought of postponing the decision with expectations of mustering a majority in the next elections is not well measured. The parties would any way have to work in union and no single party would be coming to power even in the re-elections.

While PDP can have the position of CM for itself, the BJP can adjust with the seat of Deputy CM in its kitty. If the parties come up together, the expected delay in the recovery and rehabilitation of flood victims would also be paid quick attention. Regional Councils will be constituted for all three regions; The security forces and the paramilitary personnel will be withdrawn from the Valley as the whole state will come under the governance of the Divisional Administration. Acute issues like Unemployment, Intra region Rivalry, Education, Jobs will be scrutinized. The public mandate has clearly stated that people at large have expectations from both the parties, the parties hence are liable to deliver them with a strengthened government.