Now shop at online flea bazaar


New Delhi:, a women’s e-fashion mall, has come up with a unique intitiave titled Flea Bazaar that will bring together a curated collection of off-beat and eclectic products from select sellers and boutiques from across the country.

The ‘F.lea Bazaar’ marketplace currently offers an array of over 15,000 products ranging from quirky home products and stationery to kitschy mugs, fancy accessories, personal care products, funky footwear, bags and apparel.

‘F.lea Bazaar’ will be a platform for niche sellers who may not have a branded shop but sell through stalls at renowned flea markets and social networking platforms like Facebook.

“A close look at the wardrobes of our customers show that while branded products form a large part of what they wear, they are also keen on unique and kitsch products which they can mix and match to design a unique and sophisticated look for themselves,” Arun Sirdeshmukh, co-founder and CEO of Fashionara, said in a statement.

“However, finding these products is a tough task as they are not available online or in the comfort of a mall, but in small chic shops at flea bazaars. We thought if we could get the best of these sellers to sell online, we could satisfy the needs of a large number of our customers, add a lot of variety to what we offer on Fashionara as well as enable flea merchants to sell their products pan India.

“This win-win combination made us work at a breakneck speed and in just 4 months from conception, we are proud to offer the largest online flea market to our customers,” he added.

‘F.lea Bazaar’ promises to showcase everything from bohemian chic couture to latest designs from young and upcoming designers to kitschy products.

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