Now that’s a miracle: Chetan Cheetah survives 9 bullet shots, as country glares in awe


CRPF Commanding Officer Chetan Kumar Cheeta could be discharged from Delhi’s AIIMS Trauma Centre on Wednesday, after he fought off deep coma to regain consciousness and start talking.

Doctors told the Times of India that Cheeta’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle. They are planning to send him home after his Glasgow Coma Score improved from M3 to M6.

MoS Home Kiren Rijiju also met Chetan Cheeta at AIIMS on Wednesday. “The day I came here when he was brought from Srinagar it ws difficult to imagine he’ll talk to me. (I am) proud,” Rijiju told ANI.

Cheeta’s wife Uma Singh, believes it wasn’t just the doctors at AIIMS who were responsible for his ‘miraculous’ recovery and its pace.


The 45-year-old, commanding officer of the 45th Battalion of CRPF led his team to the Parray Mohalla encounter of Hajin area in Bandipora on February 14.
A Lashkar-e-Taiba terror suspect attacked, and in the ensuing encounter, three security personnel died and eight, including a civilian, were injured. Witnesses said Cheetah fired 16 rounds even after taking bullets on his body.

Several doctors were part of the AIIMS team which treated Cheetah. His right eye could not be saved but his other vitals are stable.

“Eye specialists, neurologists, plastic surgeons all worked to snatch Cheetah back from jaws of death,” a CRPF statement said.

On March 16, a month after the attack, he was moved out of the ICU and taken off ventilator support.
On March 20, he was given food orally for the first time in one and half months, much to the relief of the doctors and his colleagues in the CRPF.

On Wednesday, Rijiju visited Cheetah again in the hospital, thanking doctors and telling the brave soldier that his fight will inspire others in the forces.

“He is doing very fine. It’s miraculous, first of all, I would like to thank the team of doctors from AIIMS. That day when I visited him I never expected him to speak to me some day” said Rijiju.

” He was smiling and was excited to get back on duty. This shows his ability to survive and his will power,” Rijiju told reporters outside AIIMS.

Cheetah will go back home to his wife Uma Singh and his two children where further treatment including physiotherapy will continue.

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