NPP Chief writes to PM Modi about BJP’s forgetting Jammu

The National Panther’s party (NPP) has been most actively attacking the BJP division of Jammu for what it assumes is the neglect of Jammu by the BJP. This time, Supreme Court lawyer and NPP chief, Bhim Singh has asked Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, as to what he is bringing to the table on November 7 for the oppressed and depressed people of Jammu Pradesh. Singh’s takes references mainly from BJP’s election manifestos and the commitments the party had made to end discrimination with the people of Jammu province last November.

Here is the text of the letter:

“Your party’s manifestos have made commitment for the implementation of almost all the important agendas I am mentioning in this letter. The BJP was committed to hold delimitation of the Assembly constituencies, which has been denied to the people of J&K by the state government. There has been no delimitation since 1981. There was only a casual delimitation in 1995/96 which was an eye-wash only.”

“There are seven reserved constituencies and all fall in Jammu Pradesh. There has been no rotation of reserved Assembly seats and there is no hope for another 20 years for any rotation. The new districts were created by the government in 2007/08 without readjusting the boundaries of the Assembly constituencies. Presently some Assembly constituencies fall in two or three districts. It is against the guidelines of the Election Commission of India and even the Representation of Peoples Act. There are 24 constituencies reserved for the residents of PoJK.”

“One-third of the residents of PoJK have been living as refugees (worst than refugees because they are not recognized as such) in J&K. One-third of 24 is 8. Eight Assembly seats (one-third) should be allotted to the PoJK refugees permanently settled in the state. They are about 12/13 lacs in the state, mostly residing in Jammu city. They have been waiting for comprehensive settlement till date. The successive government in the Centre have been exploiting and using them as vote bank only.”

Further in the letter, the NPP chief has urged the Prime Minister to ratify the demand of PoJK refugees by announcing a package of one time settlement. Singh’s letter also drew Mr. Modi’s attention to the issues confronting the internally-displaced Kashmiri Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, Gujjar and Bakerwal Muslims, Hindu Gaddies and other sections of society, including refugees from Pakistan, saying these issues need to be addressed on a priority basis.

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