NPSU held a massive protest demonstration against the anti-nationals


Today NPSU held a massive protest demonstration against the anti-nation and anti Indian army statements coming from JNU University. Today scores of NPSU activists gathered at University gate and held massive demonstration against JNU anti national element.  Protest raised slogan, ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ Indian Army Zindabad, Prof. Nivedita Menon down down, Kanhaiya Kumar down down .  The protest was led by Thakur Virender Singh State President NPSU while interacting with the media persons Mr. Singh lambasted the statement given by Prof. Nivedita Menon on Kashmir as Kashmir illegally occupied by India. Mr. Singh said that Professor like Nivedita Menon have no right to speak on Kashmir as she do not have any knowledge about the history and geography of J&K, Kashmir is integral part of India we have given thousands of lives to protect Kashmir from Pakistan.  There is no such issue of Kashmir, Mr. Singh added that of Prof. Nivedita Menon should speak on the issue regarding Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Gilgit, Baltistan and Chhamb, people like Prof. Menon are trying to break the integrity of our nation by giving anti-nation statements which will not be  tolerated at all.



Mr. Singh asked the Prof. Menon who is advocating Azadi of Kashmir why she is silent on POK, Gilgit, Baltistan, and Chhamb.  These areas a illegally occupied by PaK and China Army more than 60% of J&K area is illegally occupied by Pak and China army why not JNU professor utter a single word on this issue.  The need of time is that Azadi is basically needed in Gilgit-Baltistan Chhamb, PoK, but these Professor are silent on this issue which shows that their intention is just to disturb the peace and integrity of our nation.

Mr. Singh urged the centre government to take strict action against the professor who is giving illogical and anti-nation statements, any person who tries to break the integrity of our country should be punished according to law.


Reaching to the statement given by Kanhaiya Kumar JNU President regarding Indian Army, Mr. Singh condemn the statement ofKanhaiya Kumar and said people like Kanhaiya Kumar are now trying to demoralize Indian Army by giving such statements.

Mr. Singh said that now centre government should not wait for a second and people like Kanhaiya  Kumar should be booked under NSA in order to protect the integrity of nation.  Mr. Singh said that people like Kanhaiya Kumar are hurting the sentiments of nationalist Indian and these statements will not be tolerated further Mr. Singh warned the centre government if immediate action against Kanhaiya Kumar is not taken then people of Jammu will be forced to log massive agitation against centre govt.

In the meantime Ms Anita Thakur General Secretary NPP and Incharge women power strongly condemned the statement of Prof. Nevideta Menon and described it as anti-national and against sovereignty of India in Jammu and Kashmir.  she demanded immediate action against the lady and all other who have been working against sovereignty of India as foreign agents.  She urge the Home Minister, Shri Raj Nath Singh for immediate action against the so called Prof. Menon and all others who shout against the Union of India in the Union of India.  If JNU students can be tried for anti-national activities, why not Prof. Menon also. 

 Others who were present in the protest demonstration included Lovely Singh, Rishi Badyal, Bhupinder Singh, Ravi, Sudesh, Labbu, Adil Khan, Chetan, Muzaffar, Shubham Singh, Sumit Rajput, Rohit Gupta, Harsh Dev Singh, Saddam Khan, Asha Rani, Rehman, Abhishek Sharma. etc.


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