NrityaShree Deepak ‘Sanam’ Dutta

Deepak Dutta is a name synonymous with the distinguished Classical Dancers in the state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as Nationally. Deepak Dutta is an Architect by Educational qualification but his heart is given to Dancing. Deepak is called Sanam by people close to him and that is what we would be addressing him as throughout this personal introduction.

Sanam was born to Mrs Shashi and Mr. Vinod Dutta both of whom belong to Jammu. Deepak maintains that his foray into professional dancing is all due to the support of his parents and Sanam also thinks that all parents must help hone the true skills of a child. He thinks that his biggest support is his mother whom he derives his confidence from.

Nrityashree Sanam started dancing as his hobby at the young age of seven to the tunes of Sitar that his aunt used to play. He has taken training for Bharatnatyam under P Subbalaxmi, Kathak under Pandit Narayan Prasad and theatre under Kumar A Bharti. He has dedicated his life to dance and his biggest wish in his own words is,

“When I depart from this world, my hands should be dyed in henna, feet should be trimming with Ghungroo and my head should be bowing in the feet of Lord Nataraja.” He says that Lord Nataraja (the God of Dance) is his inspiration.

His first professional success was when he represented Jammu and Kashmir at National integration and Cultural meet in Himachal Pradesh wherein he defeated 76 contestants who hailed from all over India. Not only did he get the first prize there but he won the first prize consequently for three years in the same event.

His second big achievement was the Dr. Sadhu Singh Hamdard Award and Sanam says that he never looked back after that. He went on further to perform in all the major events nationally. He also has been felicitated at many major International events.

It is a big surprise how a person such as Nrityashree Deepak ‘Sanam’ Dutta remains highly under reported in his own state Jammu and Kashmir. Sanam has been highly awarded  in an illustrious career which is still to see many more glorious years. Following is the Huge list of his awards:


*Nataraj Sammaan
*Punjab Rattan
*Pepsi Star of New Millenium
*Dance Ikon
*Performer of the state
*Golden Globe
*Kawa Sammaan
*Satyam Sammaan
*Swami Vivekanand Sammaan
*Sheikh Abdullah Award

He says that the most memorable moment of his life was when he received Nrityashree award. He has hosted several state and national level shows as an anchor like Thaap, Taare Zameen Par and Milan. He also fondly remembers his own performance of Classical dance for One hour and Twenty Three minutes at International Himalayan Cultural Festival and Rama Kala mandir.

If you see the exhaustive list of his performances, you would realise how marred our liking towards arts and culture and how extremely talented people such as Deepak go rather unnoticed among their own people.

Have a look at his performances

Krishna Vandana
Raas Rang
Mahishasur Mardini
Geeta saar
Ganga Avtiran

Then there are his famous performances

Vande Mataram

Which are followed by his controversial performances

Mujra in Kathak
Jal Bin Machli
Ardh Nareshwaram

Exhaustive list, dont you think?

Deepak loves nature and trusts easily. He strongly believes that one should do something that makes one a legend.

Here is a glimpse into some of his performances and him receiving awards

Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (1)   Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (4)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (5)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (6)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (7)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (8)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (10)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (13)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (17)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (18)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (19)  Deepak 'Sanam' Dutta (20)


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