NSUI held a strong protest demonstration against Modi govt. outside Govt. Degree College, Poonch



Showing a strong resentment towards policies of Modi led N.D.A. Government, NSUI district poonch commitee held a strong protest demonstration outside Govt. Degree college, Poonch.

The protest demonstration was led by sajad khaki,district president NSUI poonch. lambesting the present central govt .,Mr. Khaki said that prior to elections ,Modi used to say that “achey din aane wale hai” but after 100 days of formation of govt. ,nothing has changed on the grounds of reality.Poor people are facing a lot of hardships due to sky touching prices of essential commodities but present govt. is least bothered about this .Other than that, there are no policies for unemployed youth who are wandering here and there in search of jobs.

Flanked to him ,Naresh Digra, NSUI leader said that from past several days, Pakistan is violating ceasefire. As a result of which,several people living on borders had to migrate from their homes and a great loss of lives and property have been faced by them but Modi led NDA govt. have taken no cognizance of them which is a very shameful act on their part.

Prominent NSUI leaders who were present on the occassion were Bashir Ahmed shah,Azad Ahmed ,Zulafqar malik, Sanjeev Kumar, Minus raza ,Kamran Ali, Ajay Kumar, Monus Raza & many others.


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