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Sh. Ram Krishan Vaid

With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of our beloved Sh. Ram Krishan Vaid, S/o Sh. Mulkh Raj Vaid R/o H.No. 125 Rampura Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, Near Durga Mandir, who left for his heavenly abode on 09.03.2019.
13th Day Kriya: will be performed at our residence on 21.03.2019 (Thursday) at 10:00 AM onwards.
Uthala: will be performed on 22.03.2019 (Friday) at Durga Bhawan, Durga Mandir, Rampura, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu from 2:00 PM to 4:00PM.
Smt. Sushma Vaid (wife)
Smt. Prem Lata (Sister in law) & Sh. Devi Dass (Brother)
Smt. Neha Vaid (Daughter in law) & Sh. Rukman Vaid (Son)
Smt. Shivali Vaid (Daughter) & Sh. Ramesh Verma (Son in law)
Mr. Vipin Vaid (Son) 98582-31868
Mr. Mohit Vaid (Son) 90860-85082

Mobile Number:

Sh. Charan Dass Padha

With profound grief and great sorrow we inform the sad demise of our beloved Sh. Charan Dass Padha S/o Lt. Sh. Kaka Ram Padha who left for heavenly abode on 12-03-2019 at our residence H.No 178, Krishna Nagar, Dogra Mohalla, Canal Road, Jammu.
10th Day will be performed on 21st March, 2019 Thursday at our residence at 10:30 AM.
Kriya will be performed at our residence on 22/03/2019, Friday at 11:00 AM.
Rasam Pagri/Uthala will be performed on 22nd, March, 2019 from 5 PM to 5:30 PM at Shri Guru Ravi Dass Gurudwara Krishna Nagar, Opp-GGM Science College, Jammu.
Grief Stricken
Smt. Santosh Kumari – Wife
Sister-in-law & Brother
Smt. Raksha Rani W/o Lt. Sh. H.R. Padha
Smt. Rama & Sh. Dev Raj Padha
Daughters & Sons-in-law
Smt. Nirmal & Dr. K.R. Sharma (Principal GDC Nowshera)
Smt. Ruchi & Sh. Gulshan K. Sharma (AEE, PDD)
Smt. Neetu & Sh. Suresh Sharma (Dy.SP Traffic)
Grand Children: Deepankul, Mayankul, Divyansh & Suyash
Contact Nos:- 9419124802, 9419284962, 9419169856

Mobile Number:

S. Mohan Singh Ji

With profound grief and great sorrow, we regret to inform the sad demise of our beloved father S. Mohan Singh Ji R/o Mohalla Sarwan Singh Market, W. No. 10 Poonch, who left for heavenly abode on 15th March 2019.
Bhog and Antim Ardaas on 24th March 2019 (Sunday) at Gurudwara Singh Sabha Poonch at 10.00 A.M.
Sons and Daughters-in-law
S. Davinder Singh & Sd. Ranjeet Kour
S. Ravinder Singh & Sd. Rasmeet Kour
S. Prithpal Singh & Sd. Gurmeet Kour
Daughters & Sons-in-law
Sd. Harjeet Kour & S. Ranjeet Singh
Sd. Manmeet Kour & S. Avtar Singh
And All Family Members
Mob: 9596951004, 9419698669, 9149613868

Mobile Number:

Miss Ritu Sharma

With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad and sudden demise of our beloved Miss Ritu Sharma D/o Late Sh Vinod Sharma R/o 14-B Extension, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
11th Day (Kriya) will be performed at our residence on 20-03-2019 (Wednesday) at 10.30 am to onwards.
13th Day (Uthala) will be performed on 22-03-2019 (Friday) at Arya Samaj Mandir, Last Morh, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu from 4.00 pm to 5 pm.
Grief Stricken
Sunita Sharma -Mother
Ateet Sharma -Brother
Neelam, Radhika -Sisters
Sheetal Sharma & Manish Sharma -Sister and Jiju
Rama Kumari -Chachi Ji
Nitin and Nidhi -Cousin
Contact No: 7006088697, 9086646999

Mobile Number:

Sh. Charan Dass

With profound grief and sorrow, we regret to inform the sad demise of our beloved Sh. Charan Dass (Retd. Headmaster) on 12-03-2019 R/o Ward No. 02, Kathua.
The Tenth Day will be performed at Mahajan Hall, Kathua on Thursday i.e. 21-03-2019 at 11.30 am.
Kriya will be performed at our residence on Sunday 24-03-2019 at 10.00 am.
Rasam Pagri will be performed at our residence on Monday 25-03-2019 at 02.00 pm.
Grief Stricken
Smt. Bishno Devi -Wife
Son & Daughter-in-law
Sh. Raman Gupta & Smt. Anju
Daughters & Sons-in-law
Smt. Sushma Devi & Sh. Ashok Gupta
Smt. Neelam Rani & Lt. Sh. Vinod Gupta
Smt. Rajni Devi & Sh. Pawan Kumar
Smt. Sunita Devi & Sh. Satish Gupta
Smt. Mamta Devi & Sh. Sanjeev Gupta
Grand Children: Dheeraj Gupta & Mitika Mahajan
Mob: 9858169220

Mobile Number:

Ashok Kumar Vohra

One year has passed since you left us. Your memories will always remain with us. We always feel your presence. May your pious soul rest in peace. BARKHI of our beloved Shri Ashok Kumar Vohra S/o Late Shri Dewan Chand Vohra R/o 3/121 Indra Vihar, Old Janipur Jammu will be performed at our residence at 12.00 Noon on 21.03.2019.
Smt. Usha Vohra-Wife
Neha & Amit Vohra-Daughter-in-law & Son
Pooja & Bhanu Vohra-Daughter-in-law & Son
Bhabies & Brothers
Smt. Swaran Kanta & Sh. Ved Parkash Vohra (CAO Retd.)
Smt. Madhu Vohra & Late Sh. Vijay Kumar Vohra
Sister-in-law & Brother-in-law Grand Children: Arjun, Suhani &
Smt. Asha & Sh. P. R. Kapoor Aahana Vohra
Dr. Sharda & Dr. B.B. Kapoor Mob: 9419102858/9419644333

Mobile Number:

Sh. Amit Sharma

With profound grief and great sorrow we inform the sad demise of our beloved Sh. Amit Sharma S/o Late Sh. Charanjit Sharma R/o Qtr. No 92, Resham Ghar Colony (Near Girls High School) Jammu.
10th Day will be performed on 21 March 2019 (Thursday) at Shiv Mandir, Resham Ghar Colony at 10.00 am.
Kriya will be performed on 22 Mar 2019 (Friday) at our residence.
Grief Stricken
Smt. Bimla Sharma – Mother
Sisters & Brothers-in-law
Mrs. Ritu Sharma & Mr. Ravinder Sharma
Mrs. Ambica Sharma W/o Late Shri Vijay Sharma
Seema Sharma
Chirag Sharma (Bhanja)

Mobile Number:

Smt. Parameshori Kaul

With profound grief and sorrow we inform the sad demise of our beloved Mother Smt. Parameshori Kaul W/o Lt. Sh. B.N. Kaul of Hanand Chawalgam, at present 40/2, Vinayak Vihar, Khajuria Mohalla Paloura on 16th March, 2019.
In Grief
Smt. Rattan Rani Tikoo- Sister-in-Law
Smt. Rani & Sh. D.N. Kaul- Sister-in-Law & Brother-in-Law
Akshita & Ashit Kaul- Daughter-in-Law & Son
Sudesh Kaul & Janki Nath Kaul- Daughter & Son-in-Law
Manorama Kaul & K.K. Kaul- Daughter & Son-in-Law
Suneeta Pandita & Attan Ji Pandita- Daughter & Son-in-Law
Pinky Misri & Ashok Misri- Daughter & Son-in-Law
Kantroo’s, Bhat’s, Munshi’s, Tikoo’s

Mobile Number:

Sh. Rattan Chand
Tenth Day/Kriya/uthala

With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of our beloved father Sh. Rattan Chand S/o Late Sh. Agya Ram R/o Chandan Nagar (Patti) Samba.
Tenth Day will be performed on Thursday (21-3-2019) at 11:00 AM at our residence.
Kriya will be performed on Friday (22-3-2019) at our residence.
Uthala will be performed on Saturday (23-03-2019) at 4 PM at our residence Chandan Nagar (Patti).
Grief Stricken
Brothers & Bhabhies
Late Sh. C.L. Chandan & Smt. Mohini Chandan
Sh. B.R.Chandan & Smt. Asha Chandan
Sister & Brother-in-law
Smt. Kanta Devi & Late Sh. P.C Sharma
Daughters & Son-in-law
Smt. Neelu Lau & Late Sh. Subash Chander Lau
Smt. Sneh Lata & Sh. Parshotam Sharma
Son & Daughter-in-law
Sh. Ravinder Chandan & Smt. Seema Chandan
Sh. Dinesh Chandan & Smt. Anju Chandan
Chanda Family. Mob: 94692-33992, 94192-49248

Mobile Number:

Sh. Pushkar Nath Bhat
Tenth Day/Kriya

With profound grief & sorrow we inform the sad demise of beloved Sh. Pushkar Nath Bhat originally resident of Narimarg Kashmir A/P H.No.22, Lane No.1, Laxmi Nagar, Muthi Jammu near Gemini Palace on 18-03-2019.
Tenth Day Kriya will be performed on 27-03-2019 at 8:00am at Akhnoor Ghat and the assembly will be held at our residence at 11am.
Grief Stricken:
Kanta Bhat -Wife
Brother & Bhabi
Kanta Bhat (Jija) W/o Lt. Sh J.N. Bhat
Jeeta Bhat W/o Lt. Sh. M.L. Bhat
Chaman Lal Bhat & Smt. Basanti Bhat
Son & Daughter-in-law
Sh. Bushan Lal Bhat & Smt. Pinkey Bhat
Sister & Brother-in-law
Rajni Pandita W/o Lt. Sh. Bansi Lal Pandita
Veena Bhat W/o Sh. Ramesh Ji Bhat
Daughter & Son-in-law
Rainu Pandita W/o Rakesh Pandita
Rubby Koul W/o Rakesh Koul
Ambika Kachroo W/o Suneel Kachroo
Rohiney Raina W/o Sunil Raina
Vimershi Dhar W/o Ashwani Dhar

Mobile Number:

Sh. Sat Pal Sharma

Four years have passed since you left us for heavenly abode. Physically you are not with us but we miss you and feel your presence in every moment of our life. You will remain alive in our hearts forever.
“Choubarsi” of our beloved Late Sh. Sat Pal Sharma will be performed at our residence H.No. 53-D, Lane No. 1, Patoli Magotrian, Jammu on Thursday 21st March, 2019 at 12.00 Noon.
Deeply Missed & Remembered By
Vandna Sharma- Daughter
Diwakar Sharma- Son
Sh. Chander Mohan Sharma- Brother-in-Law
Brothers & Bhabies
Sh. Vijay Kumar Sharma & Smt. Jai Shree
Sh. Madan Lal Sharma & Smt. Nirmal Sharma
Sh. Sudershan Sharma & Smt. Tripta Sharma
Mob. No.: 9469161402

Mobile Number:

Capt. Gurcharan Singh
1st anniversary

Our hearts still can’t accept that you are not with us anymore. You were our Strength and our Pride. In this one year, there has not been a single day that we have not missed you. May your soul rest in peace.
Deeply Remembered by:
Jaspal Ishar – Wife
Daughters & Sons-in-law
Suruchi & Amrik Singh
Himani & Rohit Sindhwani
Grandchildren: Aman, Nimisha, Divij & Hanika

Mobile Number:

Shivam Sharma

The pain in our heart Nobody can heal
What we are going through
No one can feel No last kiss or hug
You left without saying bye but everyday I fly, kiss in the sky.
As you are my star.
Deeply Missed & Remembered By :
Ranjana & Krishan Sharma -Mother & Father
Shubam Sharma -Brother
Smt Shub Kanta Sharma -Tayi
Smt Prabha & Yudhvir Sharma -Tayi & Taya
Smt Manorama & Dr P.R. Sharma -Tayi & Taya
Smt Reva & Dr. J.P. Sharma -Bua & Fufa
Amit, Sumit, Ankush,, Raghav -Brother
Anjali, Aakshi, Megha, Sheetal -Sister
Ph. 9070835299, 7006448922
Sharma, Bakshi & Raizada family

Mobile Number:

Sh. Pashori Lal Gupta

BARKHI of our beloved father Sh. Pashori Lal Gupta S/o Late Sh. Doulat Ram Gupta shall be performed at our residence H. No. 368/13 Talab Tillo, Jammu on 21-03-2019 (Thursday) at 11.30 A.M.
Smt. Satya Gupta-Wife
Naresh Gupta & Reeta Gupta-Son & Daughter-in-law
Anita Jandial & Pawan Jandial-Daughter & Son-in-law
Sushma Gupta & Rajinder Gupta -do-
Rajni Gupta & Ajay Gupta -do-
Sonia Mahajan & Vikas Mahajan -do-
Ronak & Lakshit Gupta-Grand Children
M/s Satya Medicate Link Road, Jammu
Mob No: 9419124223

Mobile Number:

Shakuntala Rani Anand

I miss my grandmother always, however, I am fortunate that I have such fond memories with her to look back on. I feel very fortunate that I was able to know her for so many years and to have made many life long memories that will forever remind me of my lovely grandmother whom I always keep close to my heart. Grandmother your life was full of loving deeds, forever thoughtful of our special deeds, Today and tomorrow my whole life through, I will always love and cherish you.

Your Grandchildren: Punika Anand, Novika Anand, Shivam Anand, Ritik Anand, Arya Anand, Amay Anand, Sanidhya Anand, Sanath Anand

Mobile Number:

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