Odd-Even can become a reality soon in Srinagar

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Srinagar: The summer capital of the State has sought to control the growing traffic by following the footsteps of the New Delhi Government and adopting the ODD-EVEN Formula. The formula has so far reduced the traffic in the National Capital city and the pollution levels have also been decreased. With the hope of getting same results, the odd-even formula might be implemented in our state too. The Government will however take the people’s word for it before setting things up.

Since the construction of the Flyover in valley, the traffic has been extensive on the roads linking Jahangir Chowk to Rambagh. This has troubled the people and has forced the government to think of ways to mitigate this problem.

Minister of transport for the State, Sunil Kumar Sharma, said that they would take public opinion on the implementation of Odd-Even Scheme. He has asked the district authorities to probe the matter, and once the results are positive, the government would go ahead with the plan.

He assured that the Ministry is seeking all possible ways to counter the problems of increased traffic in the valley. A meeting is scheduled on the 6th of May for this very purpose. It is being speculated that the Odd-Even might even be discussed broadly.

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