Of old age, souring marriage, love and disinterested children

Legendary Hindi playwright Mohan Rakesh’s play ‘Vimukh’ was staged here today at Natrang Studio Theatre in its weekly Sunday Theatre Series under the direction of Rahul Singh.

An absurd presentation based on a lower middle class household with a very fresh jonour was showcased here today. The parsi household of “pappa” and his wife “mamma”. The play was very challenging as it was an absurd and it’s really challenging for actors to portray and make the audiences understand its totality.  The intense presentation prompted Natrang director Balwant Thakur to organize an interaction aimed at sharing of aesthetic journey with the cast and the regular Sunday Theatre audience which was presided over by senior most actors of Jammu stage and Natrang, Arvind Anand & Subash Jamwal. This interaction session added yet another creative dimension to Natrang’s Sunday Theatre.


“Pappa” is an ill man who is on bed since 2 years and “Mamma” has been taking care of him since then. She is a lady who does all the work herself and is somehow frustrated about the condition of her husband. But, on the contrary she also loves him as they had lived so many years of marriage happily and she cares for him from the core of her heart. They have 1 son who is London and 2 daughters who are in the same city. But, their children are least bothered about their condition. Jahangir their son who keeps writing letters to them telling mama that she should send papa to old age home he will be well treated there. Mamma hides all the letters of him from papa so that he doesnt feel bad about them. But, papa knows that he always writes the same thing in each letter. Jamshed there servant is a very irritated character who is irritated by them because mama sends him here and there to borrow things from others but from everywhere he comes back  empty handed and insulted which makes him feel irritated. Mama keeps very disappointed from his careless behaviour as he doesn’t care about anything and papa.

The play ends on a frustrating note by mama on papa because she is really tired of his illness and somewhere wants him to get well so that she can also have a support. As she loves him and also feels bad about his condition. The play was very diverse with heart rending emotions of mamma as well as papa as an helpless couple who is alone and repeats the same things every day.

Rahul singh played the character of “Pappa”, Aishwarya Sathe played the character of “Mamma” and Shivam Singh played the character of “Jamshed” their servant. Music was played by Brijesh Avtaar Sharma whereas the lights of the play were operated by Neeraj Kant. Mahikshit Singh presented the show before the audience and the show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.

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