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Of the sacred thread Rakhi and for the love of ‘Guddiyaan’

Jammu, August 18: It is that time of the year when the love between brothers and sisters sees a natural peak and all the little fights that happened through the year vanish in thin air. That is the power of love! The anger dries up and the love swells in ways beyond common understanding.

Yesterday, our team shot live videos at the most popular area in Jammu, Pacca Danga, where the sisters throng to buy Rakhis and the boys go to buy kites and string. After all with the sister-brotherly love comes the sport of Kite flying in Jammu.

Watch them and if you belong to Jammu but are outside, these videos are a great reminder of what you have been missing.

Rakhi Shopping at Pacca Danga


Naam seekh lo Guddiyon ke

Kite shopping at Pacca Danga