Oh no! Facebook-owned Instagram down, users across the Globe face Outrage


Instagram appears to be down for many users across the globe. Users in India are facing problems as well.

As per a report by Mirror Online, the problems, which started at around 8:00 BST, seem to be down for users across the UK and Australia.

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Another media reports that Instagram users are unable to see people’s profiles or pictures. “Users are instead greeted with empty profiles and a message that the app “cannot refresh feed”.

The web version of the app also has problems,” the report reads.

Instagram users have taken to Twitter to report problems with the service. “Is instagram down? Or is it just me?” tweeted a user. Instagram is having issues since 3:16 AM ED, confirmed DownDetector.com. Most users reported problems with the News feed (45 per cent), while log-in and website issues were reported by 34 per cent and 19 per cent users respectively.

This is not the first time Instagram has stopped working for users.

Earlier last month, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram crashed across various parts of the world, with parts of North America, Europe and northern Africa being affected by the leaks.

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