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Hari Parbat the most ancient and one of the holiest places in Kashmir.

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The Hari Parbat or the Mughal Fort, located on the banks of the world renowned Dal Lake, has two gates known as Kathi Darwaza and Sangin Darwaza. The Kathi Darwaza, assumed to be the main entrance of the Hari Parbat Fort, is a very simple structure with a domed chamber in the center and two recesses in the sides. The spot can be reached through taxis or on foot. Kathi Darwaza has Persian commemorative inscriptions on its walls and ceilings. These inscriptions throw light on the Persian beliefs and culture.  Built on orders of Akbar, Mughal Emperor, stands on a hill of religious importance to Hindus (who believe that the hill-Hari Parbat- was critical in defeating the water demon Jalodbhava) and serves as the location for the shrine of Maqdoom Sahib. The first fortifications on the site were constructed by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1590. He built an outer wall for the fort, and planned a new capital called Nager Nagor to be built within the wall. That project was never completed. The present fort was built in 1808 under the reign of Shuja Shah Durrani.

Photographs by: Arif Bashir Wani

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