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Omar Abdullah is on Facebook

Srinagar, November 05: With a view to reach out to the larger number of audience, twitter addict and the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, has now debuted on Facebook.

Omar started using Facebook a few days ago. I’ve been singularly focused on Twitter as the medium to get my message across. But have since come to realise that I’ve ignored a large cross-section of people who don’t use Twitter at all,” said Omar in his early facebook post.

Apart from this, one of the main reasons for joining Facebook Omar gave was that the Twitter allows only 140 characters for each message.He had been using Twitter for last five years.

“It is also a bit difficult to reduce a complex thought or reaction to a series of messages each limited to 140 characters,” the former CM said.

Since there are so many fake accounts with his name, the working president of National Conference has got his page authenticated by Facebook. The real facebook page of Omar Abdullah comes with a blue tick next to his name which proves that the page is an authentic account account verified by Facebook.

Anybody who had misgivings about the authenticity of this page will now have been put to rest, said Omar.

You can like his page by clicking here- Omar Abdullah Facebook Page

Omar also thanked Facebook and those who liked his page and ensured that he would write more on Facebook from now on.

“I’ll be writing more here and my colleagues will keep you updated with my schedules, photographs, videos and activities. I’m looking forward to this new beginning,” he said.