Omar Abdullah Meets Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley and Ram Madhav in New Delhi

Omar Abdullah has met with BJP chief Amit Shah, Finance Minister Arun jaitley and Ram Madhav in Delhi. Omar Abdullah has consistently showed his inclinations towards being the kingmaker of the next government ever since the results came out. In his tweet he mentioned that he has post-poned his England trip that he talked about in his interviews  to television channels yesterday.
Omar Abdullah, Arun Jaitley, Ram Madhav, Amit Shah, BJP-NC, New Delhi
Analysts have maintained that a coalition between the National Conference and Bhartiya Janta Party cannot be ruled out since both the parties have allied in the past as well. In his interviews on live television to various news channels he also mentioned that the onus of government formation was on the front runners PDP and BJP and that the NC will adopt a wait and watch policy in the matter.
 The suspense over government formation in Jammu and Kashmir looms large .Both the front runners in Assembly Elections BJP with 25 seats and PDP with 28 haven’t come out in the open with their closed room meetings decisions. All the calculations are being done at a careful pace where both PDP and BJP are keeping all options open.
According to times of india, sources in the BJP say that party would drive a hard bargain to ensure that it has an arrangement mostly on its terms and without having to drastically dilute its plank. Negotiations will seek to explore whether the party can get the prospective partner to agree to let a Hindu from Jammu become the CM as part of a rotational arrangement.
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