Omar Abdullah Politicising ‘mischievous’ tweets of errant IAS officer: Brig Gupta

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BJP State Spokesperson, Brig (retd) Anil Gupta today while criticising former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah accused him of not only backing the tweet of IAS Officer Shah Faesal in which he has termed India as “Rapistan” but is also attempting to politicise and trivialise the issue by selectively quoting from the show cause notice issued to him by the General Administration Department.

Faesal has been repeatedly using the twitter to criticise the functioning of both State and Central Governments as well making controversial double entendre statements contrary to the Government directives as per the rules quoted by DOPT said Brig Gupta,. The Central Government has initiated action against the delinquent IAS Officer, he added.

Brig Gupta said Shah Faesal in a tweet on April 22, used the word “Rapistan” for India. Replying to this tweet @ranjitkumar1960 tweeted, “If you are an IAS Officer, you should resign from the job and then engage in peddling anti-India rants. Otherwise I shall request @HMO India & @ KirenRijiju to remove you from IAS.”

By HMO the tweeter implied Home Minister’s Office clarified Brig Gupta but Shah Faesal in a defiant and brazen manner replied to this tweet, “What makes you think it’s about India? And you forgot PMO, I think.”


Another tweet of Shah Faesal dated 28 April reads, “Now that North Korea and South Korea have made peace, let’s hope that North India and South India can also unite!” In another tweet of 20 May, he dared the Government, “If the newly proposed IAS Service/Cadre allocation policy is approved, it will turn IAS into ICS- Indian Chamcha Service.”

Coming to the rescue of Shah Faesal, the JKNC vice president, Omar Abdullah has politicised the issue by tweeting that “looks like DOPT is determined to chase @Shahfaesal out of the Civil Services.” In a serious matter of breach of discipline by a culpable IAS Officer who is bound by rules of conduct, Omar Abdullah is trivialising the entire issue and also attempting to communalise it.

In another tweet Omar says, “you have no problem when officers from Rajasthan and elsewhere defy ‘set norms of governance and conduct’, yet Faesal’s tweet about rape bothers you. Somehow this does not surprise me at all!”   Omar has conveniently ignored numerous other anti-establishment tweets of the errant officer just to politicise the disciplinary action initiated against him by the Government rued Brig Gupta.

He alleged that the officer “trivialised” the rules of the rules of business by making public the notice served to him and blaming the government. “A disciplined officer would have given his explanation to the competent authority rather than going public and defying the central government directive of 2016,” Gupta said. PTI