Omar Abdullah Tells Congress How To Make BJP MLAs Vanish Before Critical Karnataka Floor Test


As the BJP is struggling to prove its majority in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, it seems Congress ally Omar Abdullah sitting in Jammu and Kashmir seems to be enjoying the political drama which has resulted following a hung assembly in the region.

If one looks closely, the JNKC chief has been cracking jokes on the developments in Karnataka. For instance, the former Chief Minister recently called the Governor Vajubhai Vala a rubber stamp and stated that the rival party – BJP needs no lessons for breaching Constitution. He also said that MLAs who indulge in horse trading should be barred from contesting future elections.

The JNKC Chief has again come under the attention of media after commenting about the 3 political outfits, BJP, Congress and JDS, and the buses they have been using to ferry their MLAs to-and-fro between hotels, resorts, airports, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and Hyderabad. Commenting on a photo of a bus for BJP MLAs, Omar Abdullah has given some advice to the Congress.

He said that the Rahul Gandhi-led party should have paid someone to replace the BJP sticker in the front with a Congress sticker. That way the MLAs inside would have mysteriously vanished for 24 hours.

And here are Omar Abdullah’s earlier inputs which are mentioned above:

On Governor –



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