Omar and Mehbooba’s twitter feud 


Last evening the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) this evening took the help of social media websites to clear its position on the demands and the conditions kept by the party president Mehbooba Mufti in order to form the government.

From last few weeks, both the PDP and BJP have made several attempts through discussions to end a stalemate over government formation.

Recently, the presidents of the two parties — Mehbooba Mufti of the PDP and Amit Shah of the BJP — met in New Delhi on Thursday to talk about government formation.

The latest statement of Ram Madhav, BJP’s chief interlocutor with the PDP that the “deadlock” between the two parties continued even after Thursday’s high-level meeting in New Delhi and it was made clear that no other demands from PDP will be accepted.


In reply to Madhav’s comment, the party tweeted that the PDP has not kept any new demands rather requested the BJP to implement the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ since they had agreed for it in the beginning.

In another tweet, PDP cleared its stand saying that the BJP must learn to walk the talk.

The PDP-BJP coalition ruled the state for about 10 months even then the PDP is hesitant to continue the alliance as they want complete implementation of the “Agenda of Alliance”.

The preconditions set by PDP president Mehbooba Mufti have created a problem between the two parties.

Even a complete list of the demands was put on Twitter by the PDP party. According to which, it was mentioned that Srinagar and Jammu must be included in the list of smart cities this year only. Besides that the PDP has sought back power projects which are meant for people.

Meanwhile, Former Chief Minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah simultaneously reacted to the PDP’s tweets asking why then Mehbooba’s father made the deal and then served as the CM of the state for 10 months which is surprising.

Further he commented that Mehbooba does not even know what she wants in the first place, consequently she returned home empty handed.

Omar further ridiculed Mehbooba’s demands and failed attempts to provide a stable government to the state.


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