Omar disappointed with arch rival Mehbooba for caving in before BJP; but there could still be a twist in the tale

Mehbooba Mufti Omar AbdullahOmar Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir is very disappointed with arch rival Mehbooba Mufti, whom he accuses of caving into the BJP after posturing a rebellion for three months during which there was no government in Kashmir. Omar has written in a column to a media that Mehbooba’s was an elaborate public rebellion which ended in a damp squib.

Meanwhile, there could be a twist in this tale as Mehbooba Mufti is reported to have cancelled a crucial meeting scheduled with the Governor today till this report was being written.

Omar has questioned the need for enacting this political drama in which the PDP chief has come out a loser, and her posturing merely proved to be bluster. Omar also said that Mehbooba despite pleading with top BJP brass including Amit Shah, and PM Modi failed to get any assurance from the centre which could give her a reason for a respectable climb-down.

“For two and a half months Ms. Mufti kept reiterating how mere assurances weren’t enough; now, she is portraying a general and vague verbal assurance as an achievement that called for an immediate reconciliation between the two parties”, writes Omar. He further alleged that Mehbooba was trying befool the people of state by selling customary assurances as something out of the ordinary.

Omar however says that people of the state will not forget that similar assurances were available even at the outset when she was to be sworn in as CM after her father’s death. “If this customary assurance failed to infuse confidence in her then, what makes this assurance bankable now?”, asked Omar.

After 10-months of unpopular government, Omar alleged that PDP just made pronouncements of extracting economic and political concessions like revocation of AFSPA, getting back power projects, flood relief package but all this proved to be a hullabaloo. But all this grandstanding secured nothing as PDP had to relent in the wake of stonewalling by the BJP leadership in the centre and the state.

Omar further wrote: BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav said the Prime Minister had asked Ms. Mufti to talk to BJP leaders about her issues instead of bringing them to him. So what exactly was Ms. Mufti trying to achieve for two and a half months? As she says she stands satisfied after her meeting with the PM, the people of J&K remain perplexed.

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