OMG! Internet is going crazy over Shahrukh Khan look-alike from J&K. See Pics

Shah Rukh Khan is truly the King Khan of Bollywood. The superstar has a vast fan following owing to his dashingly handsome looks, acting prowess and sheer magnetism. His appeal remains unmatched even after all these years and for SRK’s fans, there is nothing more that they could hope for than to just meet their idol. But, what’s better than Shah Rukh Khan? Two!

Meet Haider Maqbool, a regular resident of the state of Jammu and Kashmir who happens to be the spitting image of Shah Rukh Khan. Talk about xerox copies. What sorcery is this even?

If you are having a hard time believing us, just take a look…

Haider’s Facebook page is flooded is photos of him just being himself, looking like SRK and what not. The similarity between them is so stark, you probably wouldn’t even notice that some of the photos are actually Shah Rukh Khan’s and not Haider’s own. For instance, here is a photo of Shah Rukh Khan:

Tell us what do you think. Doesn’t he look just like Shah Rukh Khan?