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On World Cancer Day, Jammuites should focus on adopting healthy lifestyle to keep the diesease at bay

There has been an alarming rise in the cases of cancer in Jammu and Kashmir, and government as well as health authorities are doing little to check this menace. More than 2000 cancer patients registered themselves in Jammu Medical College, and figures tell that this disease is on the rise in this region.

There has been a five per cent increase in the number of cancer cases over the last one decade, and doctors indicate that if appropriate steps are not taken the number is likely to swell.
The number of cancer cases was 2000 in 2014, 2000 in 2013, 1800 in 2012, 1600 in 2011, 1500 in 2010, 1450 in 2009, 1385 in 2008, 1300 in 2007, 1266 in 2006. As figures show there has been a sustained increase in the number of cancer cases which have been reported in Jammu.

Prostate cancer is the biggest killer of cancer patients in Jammu and Kashmir, and apart from that lung cancer caused by excessive use of tobacco has caused many fatalities. Doctors now suggest that people in the state need to adopt healthy lifestyle, give up junk food, tobacco use, and stop heavy use of alcohol to prevent cancer from attacking them. Cancer is also having a debilitating effect because majority of the cases are now happening in low and middle income families. Most common cancers include prostate, colon, and breast which can be treated provided these are diagnosed in early stages.

Adoption of healthy lifestyle, and regular check up was the key to preventing cancer, doctors suggest. And on World Cancer Day people of the region, and state should commit to it.

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